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    請選擇麻雀祝福圖案 Please select one illustrated tile pattern: *
    請輸入4個需雕刻的筒子數字 Please input 4 digits to go on the hand-carved circle mahjong tiles (例 e.g. 0930, 1314, 2020, 1028)
    手雕麻雀筒子數字 Hand-carved Mahjong Circle Numbers
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    你從哪裡得得知此工作坊 (如經其它麻雀遊藝店推介,請注明名稱) How did you learn about this workshop? Please state the name if referred by collaborative parties. *
    費用HKD390/人,請選擇付款方式Payment Method (我們將於報名確認後連付款資料以電郵通知,參加者必需於3天內完成付款以確認留位)。We will inform you of the steps for payment after submission of this form and please settle payment within 3 days after registration) *
    備註 Remarks

    1. 課堂地點為賽馬會創意藝術中心L6-15Location: L6-15 at JCCAC
    2. 工作坊開始前3天截止報名以便預備材料Registration deadline is 3 days prior to the workshop
    3. 請於報名後3天內繳交費用以碓保位置Please pay within 3 days after registration to secure your seat.
    4. **請注意信用卡付款將收取大約 2.55% 行政費 Credit card payment will charge appro. 2.55% admin fee **
    5. 所有已邀的報名費用恕不退還
      No refund after registration
    6. 如有疑問, 請以下方式聯繫For any enquiry, please contact us by
      電郵 Email:
      Whatsapp/ Signal: 9876 3279
      Facebook Messenger: KarenArubaArt
    7. 於網上報名及付款後,我們將以電郵確認
      Email confirmation after registration and payment
    8. Note: All registered participants must wear masks strictly and have not been in contact with people with symptoms related to COVID-19 and confirmed cases in the past 14 days, or living/working buildings in the previous 14 days where there was a confirmed case (including shopping malls/buildings/restaurants, etc.), please take the initiative to let us know and we will change the date for participants. Thank you
    9. 如有突發情況,Karen Aruba Studio 保留最終決定權安排退款或改期
      Karen Aruba Studio reserves the right to make final decision to refund or to reschedule